Business Analytics & Intelligence

Performance Management

  • Measures key elements of trade flow with accuracy and interprets the information with interactive data visuals (bar chart, pie chart, line chart, text tables, and world map);
  • Calculates the time from arrival of goods at the border (airport, seaport or land border station) to the time of release of goods;
  • Measures the total time necessary for the entire trade transaction, time required for processes related to documentation, the Clearance time at the border, time taken for physical inspection (intervention) by CBRA;
  • Provides the time release estimates for Cargo type and Mode of Transport with the following details:
    • Average time from arrival (in days and hours);
    • Total number of containers discharged per month in a year;
    • Performance by container types such as break bulk, bulk, FCL, LCL or FCX.
  • Provides the time release estimates by trade size with the details of Importer size (small, medium, and large) and activity for each cargo type;
  • Provides the time release estimates by country of origin with the details of top N trading partners (number of consignments and percentage);
  • Provides average time estimates from arrival to cargo transshipment through a port (in days) with the details of country of loading before arrival and country of loading after arrival.

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