Compliance & Enforcement

Appeals and Legal Affairs

  • Create new Litigations/ Legal Actions of contraventions and adjudications;
  • Review the Audit Report for Civil action through Pre-civil case management and Post Civil case Management;
  • Maintain and view Case status;
  • Maintain confidentiality level of Case as public/private;
  • Allows associating reference documents to a case, such as Manifests and Declarations;
  • Drill down details of the Case;
  • Support external reference documents and files such as scanned images, MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheet and others;
  • Maintain confidentiality level of the Case as public/private;
  • Issue hearing notices and Record hearing proceedings;
  • Request to re-appeal case;
  • Allows imposing fines and penalties, which are integrated to enforcement (recovery) process;
  • Manage the Compound Issuance for the deviations/penalties levied from the sources;
  • Manage and maintain history details of the Case for future reference and becomes part of compliance history of the entities associated.

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