License, Permits & Certificates


  • Apply online for a new License;
  • Process requests and issue licenses of various categories: public, private, state-warehouses;
  • Issue Excise License for the Manufacturer, Warehouse Operator, Chemist License and others;
  • Issue and manage Licensed Manufacturing Warehouse (LMW) license;
  • Manage and issue Generic  License to act as Agents (Shipping Agent /Forwarding Agent/both), and issuance of Jetty License applications and others;
  • Manage renewal of License, update/add new License information, Issue and Manage Agent Pass;
  • Activate Suspended License;
  • Generate Compound Bill, collect Payments when needed or accept Sureties for License processing;
  • Manage License Expiry Notifications, Auto-Suspension and Auto-Cancellation of license according to configured rules.

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