Tariff & Taxes

Integrated Tariff and Policy

  • Allows to create and maintain the tariff items, Customs duties, taxation, seasonal duties, exemptions, and charges;
  • Allows to create and maintain Tariff structure based on WCO’s Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System, and extend it to local requirement (more than six digits and use of statistical suffixes);
  • Define Sections, Chapters, Headings and Sub Headings;
  • Allows to create goods specifications, business rules and instructions available for each tariff item;
  • Associate duties to tariff items and manage Tariff rates history;
  • Manage Strategic Trade Act (STA) Codes;
  • Define exemptions and policy conditions (documentary and other declaration requirements) in the system by relevant exemption authorities;
  • Maintain and manage exemptions, quotas, permits and restrictions for any tariff item, Free Trade Agreements (FTA);
  • Define duty and its computation method according to relevant law (e.g. ad valorem, specific, composite) by designated users in regulatory agencies;
  • Allow Traders to search and view up-to-date tariff and non-tariff regulations, which is an important facilitation measure;
  • Ability to manage bulk changes in tariff and policy, like annual budgets and policy review at national level;
  • Manage Vehicles Levy for carrying import and export goods;
  • Supports EU TARIC and automatic update of daily transmission of TARIC data from the European Community;
  • Create and manage the Export Price, Price Database and Duty Rates for various commodities maintained in the system;
  • Maintain export duty drawback rates according to input-output coefficient in industry or any other bases for automatic processing of drawback claims;
  • Store tariff details with their validity dates, to process declarations, perform re-assessments by applying duty and tax rates in force at the time of actual import or export.

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