Legal Affairs System

MicroClear® Legal Affairs System deals with the preparation and approval of Contravention Report, adjudication process, appeal process and handling of court cases.

Product Overview

MicroClear® Legal Affairs suite enables Customs management to ensure that all the Investigation Papers/Audit Reports and evidences are complete according to Chain of Custody principle for legal proceedings. It captures case details at each step: Trial details, hearing details, service of court document details, writ details, personal details, lawyer details, accused details, witness details and others.


Legal division of Customs processes litigations/legal action against the Traders and Agents before judicial or quasi-judicial fora, for any offences. The system manages and maintains the history and details of the Case for future reference.

Litigation Management

Civil Case
Criminal Case

Civil Case Management

File pre-civil case and post-civil case details based on the Investigation Paper for civil trial, appeal and judicial review in legal fora (courts and tribunals).

Criminal Case Management

File criminal case based on the Investigation Paper with legal provisions and offence details for a criminal trial, appeal and revision in legal fora (courts and tribunals).

Appeals Management

Manage appeal based on Investigation Paper and Audit report to Appeal, Re-appeal Case, return the forfeited goods and others.

Compound Management

Issue Compound for the penalties levied from various sources such as Investigation Paper, Audit Report, Late Manifest, License late submission, Bill cancellation, Container cancellation and others.

Legal Affairs System

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Legal Affairs System

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