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MicroClear® facilitates trade, enabling efficient business activities and growth, and supporting good governance and ethical standards through the effective use of information technology.

Trade Single Window
MicroClear® Single Window links both private and public sector players along regional and international supply chains. It is a communication and coordination platform for Trade.
Customs Management System
MicroClear® Customs solution offers to streamline and optimize the core Customs clearance processes and uses advanced as analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI).
e-Government Solution
MicroClear®, with its flexible architecture and modular design, accommodates various business requirements related to e- Government.
Risk Management System
MicroClear® uses advanced analytics, statistical methods and machine-learning techniques for risk evaluation and intelligent targeting decision.
Post Clearance Audit System
PCA System selects organizations for regulatory compliance audit and manages the entire process of auditing.
Legal Affairs System
The Legal Affairs System deals with the preparation and approval of contravention report, adjudication process, appeal process and handling of court cases.
Port Community System
PCS integrates the electronic business workflow in the port community including Port Authorities, Customs, Shipping Agents, Transportation companies and others.
Customs Enforcement & Intelligence System
Customs Enforcement and Intelligence System tracks the cases related to criminal fraud, smuggling and security threats.
VAT & Domestic Excises Management System
Supports integrated tax management for exercising audit-based controls as well as movement-based controls.
Knowledge Management System
MicroClear® KMS helps in organizing, categorizing and disseminating information and data in secure and efficient manner.
Price Research System
MicroClear® Price Research System links a global network of experienced Price Analysts in over fifty (50) countries.
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) System
MicroClear® SEZ System is designed to facilitate trade, promote investment and effective administration. It is a one-stop-shop for the investors and stakeholders alike.

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