Compliance & Enforcement

Compliance and Enforcement

The challenge of reducing trade barriers can only be met through systematically measuring the history of compliance of entities taking part in the process, and focusing on the potential high-risks. MicroClear®, while measuring compliance of each entity to regulatory requirements at transaction-level, goes beyond it and manages it at ‘the Supply Chain Perspective’. It deciphers relationships among various players, and their associations with locations and commodities to discover unknown or unusual patterns. Coupled with intelligence and post clearance audits, it provides effective ways to optimize organizational resources to manage risks.

MicroClear® provides a rich Legal Affairs system for conducting procedures of administrative settlement in disputes on valuation, classification, tariff preference or other decisions. MicroClear® provides various levels of appeal, within department/agency and outside, i.e., Tribunal and Courts. Cases are linked to profile and history of associated entities and notices and orders are communicated or issued through the system.

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