Compliance & Enforcement

Enforcement & Investigations

  • Manage Intelligence  Process;
  • Register Informant details and information;
  • Manage Activity process and Activity Diary information;
  • Plan and create Logistics information for executing Planned Activity;
  • Register and manage logistics items such as Firearms, Ammunition, and Police Dogs (K9);
  • Create and manage Investigation Paper based on Executed Activity process;
  • Manage Storage of seized goods;
  • Maintain Inbound/Outbound Forms of seized goods along with the discrepancy details;
  • Manage and maintain disposal of  seized items;
  • Refer to Legal Affairs for civil and criminal case filing;
  • Request for supporting documents from Traders for review and investigation;
  • Create Contravention report;
  • Generate order in original (ONO);
  • Send messages to Traders / Agents about  contravention completed ONOs;
  • Implement the order accepted by Traders / Agents either with or without penalties and fines;
  • Terminate a contravention case if no discrepancy is found in inquiry / investigation, or the discrepancy is minor and does not call for this process.

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