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MicroClear® provides following Utility tools for trade facilitation:

Tariff and policy search tool:

  • Provides information about country’s regulations related to a commodity;
  • Allows searching information on Tariff (Taxes and Duty rates) and Non-Tariff (Exemptions schemes and policy regulations) measures against an HS Code;
  • Allows viewing Restrictions and Prohibitions configured for the tariff item.

Classification utility:

  • Automated system learning from historical transactions to identify the correct classification of a commodity;
  • Facilitates search based on the Description and HS Code of item at section / chapter / heading / sub-heading level;
  • Search based on the local description of the goods item, from the Classification database;
  • Identify the right HS Code for the goods item based on description, thus reducing the misclassification and the duty calculation errors.

Commodity Profile

  • Provides detailed statistics on the commodity to the Customs users in graphical format;
  • Data compiled in terms of commodity classification, trends, key traders, key country of origin (source) and destination, key producers and sectors, and key import procedures.

Trader Profile

  • Provides 360-degree view of the Traders (Importers and Exporters) with details about the line of business, volume of trading activity, compliance history and associated parties.

Trade Analysis

  • Analyze the trade statistics from various dimensions such as Bilateral, Regional, Multilateral, and at various levels of commodity grouping;
  • Analyze the trade competitiveness in terms of industries for import and export, Trade performance index (by sector).

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