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We provide tailored services to meet the needs and objectives of our clients. Our services are designed to assist in the Trade Facilitation processes from basic data capture services to the complex TFA and Single Window Advisory services.

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Single Window Advisory Services

ICS provides advisory services on best practices for Single Window development and implementation. We also conduct Trade Single Window Readiness Assessment to help administration prioritize their reform efforts in a manner that trade gets tangible benefits at a faster pace, thus providing momentum and credibility to the reform process. Our consultants assist in capacity building on best practices in international trade regulations and facilitation processes, based on WTO and WCO principles and recommended practices.

TFA Advisory Services

ICS provides advisory services on planning for WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) compliance and conducts TFA Readiness Assessment. The solution has to be tailored and prioritized for the local needs of trade and industry. Each requirement needs to be understood in terms of policy, processes, culture-shift, and capabilities. Our team, with its wide experience in this domain, is in the best position to share insights to the Government. We guide administrations in achieving TFA compliance, fitting to their specific context.

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Customs Consulting Services

As part of the Customs Consulting services, we offer high-value capacity development programs and studies in critical areas listed below. These are based on sound theoretical grounds, and our team’s practical knowledge of real-world implementation:

  • Capacity building in implementing Risk Management System;
  • Capacity building in analysis of Tariff and Trade;
  • Capacity building in Valuation Controls – WTO Valuation Agreement and using National Valuation Database (NVDB) as risk assessment tool;
  • Capacity building on Commodity Classification and HS Codes Concordance;
  • Capacity building in Post Clearance Audit and guidelines/best practices for PCA;
  • Assessment of level of compliance to WCO’s Revised Kyoto Convention (RKC).

Business Process Review Services

Increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness through business process analysis and improvement is an appropriate approach for tackling barriers and bottlenecks in trade flow, and thus enhancing trade facilitation. Based on our experience in implementation of automated solutions for Trade Facilitation, we provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Compare existing business process against international best practices, standards and recommended practices;
  • Recommend the ‘to-be’ processes fit for local setting;
  • Identify Integration requirements based on WCO’s instruments and guidelines on Functional Assessment of Cross-Border Regulatory Agencies (CBRAs);
  • Process harmonization and removal of redundancies.
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Destination Inspection Services

ICS performs the quality and quantity inspection of the goods upon their arrival in the importing country on behalf of Customs administrations. The inspection of the goods is performed based on internationally accepted standards for each product category. High-risk consignments are selected by MicroClear® Risk Management System (RMS), using standardized risk assessment indicators and specific selectivity criteria based on local knowledge and experience.

Customs Data Capture Services

We provide Customs Data Capture assistance by placing our own staff at customs locations in situations where traders want to opt for self-filing, or lack access to internet and computer equipment for doing business with Customs.  Declarants bring their commercial documents, and our staff helps them with data entry into MicroClear®.  Our staff also helps importers and exporters to submit copies of supporting information and documents together with the declaration filing.

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